June 21, 2008

Updates may be scarce

Salam wrm and kooooooonicchiwa! (ignore the craziness, orang nak exam, biasalah)

My 2 weeks are over people. I'm here counting down the hours for my first paper which to my utmost joy(not) is none other than Biochemistry. Yay. Booo.

Throughout the whole of the last 14 days, I spent the first 10 going through pages after pages to cover 7 other subjects (not including Ethics and Skills of course) and the last 4 days for Biochemistry, only. You can see now how much I dreaded this principle. My sleeping hours went a little bit haywire for the last few days and apparently, being deprived of my beauty sleep added together with all the stress, I became kind of a jerk. Really really REALLY didn't see it coming and I'm dreadfully sorry for it.

Anyways, all is well and I'm thankful for how everything unfolded. Now, I've done all I can with the given time (it may not be my best though), it is time for me to leave it all to Him. Tawakkal, that's the way to go.

So, I'll be intensely busy for the next 3 and a half weeks and I will definitely want to give my highest concentration and priority to these exams. Hence, to my loyal readers (hehe), updates may be scarce. /wink

Pray for me all. Till next time.

PS: Oh, here's a shout-out to all 2nd year MalaysianAlexandrians. Bittaufiq wannajah fi kulliimtihan everyone. May we reach our target of 'repeat-sifar' and to some, 'tiru-sifar'. And to Section 1 students, with a special shout to Section 1(c), ALL THE BEST! It's time to show what we're truly made of.


sadhana azahar June 21, 2008 at 1:54 AM  

as usual, i know u can do it comel :) dah kerja keras sangat-sangat kan. ;) good luck.

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