October 26, 2008

Mid-term exams

Aha, I'm just into my 2nd week of lectures and I already have to prepare for our end-of-block exam. First of three of this semester, I think. Its on the 4th of November pulak tu. Rawr!

List of subjects:-

1) Anatomy (15 lectures)
2) Microbiology (9 lectures)
3) Parasitology (5 lectures)
4) Pathology (4 lectures)
5) Community Medicine (6 lectures)

Roughly you can say 1 lecture is equivalent to at least 45mins of revision, depending on the subject though. Crazy right? I understand that it is our last pre-clinical year, but why the need to torture? I'm only 20, I still need fun. :p

Ps. Oh, there's also 2 PBL (problem solving) presentations that we need to prepare and the first one's due this Tuesday. Urh! This is what I get for procrastinating. Rawr!

Ps. I miss home.

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