October 30, 2008

Wake up, sleepy head

Amazing what the atmosphere of our lecture hall can do to one's will to fight the heaviness of his eyelids. -.- Today during Pathology lecture, I think I dozed off for a few seconds only to wake up meeting the professor's gaze. Lucky for me she simply smiled and went on with her lecture. :P And yesterday, I skipped one whole lecture altogether. It was the 3rd lecture of the day and I was at the campus from eight. Imagine going through a subject like Community Medicine through that. Urh.

I think I'll put all the blame of my sleepiness on the low temperature. Hehe. I'm not even burning the midnight oil, yet, but I can even barely wake up for my Subh prayers. (read: I said, barely) Yer lah, pukul 6 dah syuruk, mane tak nye. :P

*Note to self*

Ways to not fall asleep during lectures:-

1. Sweets, munchies or whatever chewable (be sure they're not fattening, though) Nyeh nyeh.
2. Pinch, punch, bite yourself.
3. Write down whatever the professor says.
4. Message someone, anyone, her. ;)
5. Don't go to lectures at all, sleep at home. xD

But but but, sleep is GOOD. Omg, what's happening to me? Help!


Anonymous October 30, 2008 at 1:13 AM  

i tot ade new regulation not to eat in lecture kan?? eh, not regulation, tp prof nagwa kate salah satu bende yg prof x suke ialah student makan time kuliah....
well, sleep early, woke up early... (even though i always sleep) :D

Anonymous October 30, 2008 at 8:29 AM  

u're becoming more and more like me. ngeh ngeh. :p sleep is good. totally. definitely. :P

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