March 13, 2009

Catch up.

One whole week had passed and tomorrow, I'll be starting my 6th semester here - the last of my pre-clinical years. If I were to poke around my thoughts, my first step into the faculty felt recent. Without paying much attention to the time that's passed, I'm at the last hurdle of pre-clinical medicine. Will I fall? Or will I soar high? Am I up for it?

Anyway, this holiday had been very restful for myself. Things have been smooth and not at sixes and sevens like they usually do. I'm fully rested and stress-free, ready to accumulate stress along the way to August. Lol. Accumulate stress, that's something I'm good at. How to handle it? Simple. For a guy, I'll just find ways to increase my testosterone level. ;) (Do take note you're talking to a med junkie here)

Ps. Watchmen sucks. Don't bother queuing up for a ticket, if ever there's a line that is.


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