June 27, 2009

Destress yourself.

I got this idea from Nuffnang, so nak try lah main. Who knows it'll be fun? ;)

Have you guys ever heard of "homonyms"? Haa, kalau tak pernah, meh sini. Kita main2 cakap dalam homonyms. :P

Here it goes.

Disc weak I hat nare think two due axe sept four star dying. (sounds funny?)

Here's what it really should be - This week I had nothing to do except for studying. Hehehe. Get the idea now? xD

Homonyms are words which are, 1) have the same spelling but different meanings or 2) two completely different words with different meanings but have the same "sound" when pronounced.

For example, "trunk" could either be referring to an elephant's trunk or it could mean a big chest. Aha, I got another example. When I mentioned "big chest", I was referring to a big wooden box and not some body parts. Omg, I'm cracking myself up here. Hahahahaha.

Another example would be "hair" and "hare". They both sound similar but are actually two completely different words. Got the hang of it? Give it a try and loosen yourself up. ;)

Aye amp living noun. And joy ant ave fun wit homo nymphs.
(I am leaving now. Enjoy and have fun with homonyms.) :P


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