June 19, 2009

Doakan kami.

I know, I know - it has been awhile.

What would you guys expect? Its the exam fever. :P

All the practical examinations are but a history except for one, Pathology, which will be held on this coming Sunday.

I'll keep this short.

Our finals will begin on the 1st of July and the curtain will fall for our semester on the 20th. This is our 6th semester btw, the last of our pre-clinical studies.

To date, out of 201 students whom enrolled, 1 quitted, another had to continue in a local university due to personal reasons and five others were unlucky to not be able to be promoted from the 2nd year. Some who did manage to enter the 3rd year, are still carrying a few subjects from previous semesters.

But this is the cutting-point. Pre-clinical subjects will not be permitted to "carried over" to the clinical years. Shivers.

Doakan kami.

Doakan kami agar semua najjah insyaAllah. Doakan agar dipermudahkan kerja kami. Doakan mereka yang perlu mengulang paper-paper semester lepas. Doakan rakan-rakan kami yang terpaksa mengulang tahun. Doakan agar Seksyen 1, seksyen yang alhamdulillah tidak berubah dari mula hingga kini, kekal seramai 40 orang semester hadapan. Doakan kejayaan kami, kejayaan pelajar-pelajar batch 2006. InsyaAllah.

Study leave dah start. Baru habis Pharma and setengah Microb. Camne sekarang? Sempat lagi lari gi main basket lepas MOTIQES. Pulun weh, pulun. :P

Doakan saya.

Ps. Kalau nampak iklan McD kat sebelah tu, tolong JANGAN tekan. Sekian. ;)


din June 20, 2009 at 11:52 AM  

gudluck la bro..

aku rase la kan..kawan2 kita U lain mesti pelik..kita byk sgt xm..pastu suh diorg doa..hehe

ok je pun sebenarnya..

gambatte bro..nak baik msia duh

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