November 3, 2009


Kelas saya pukul 10 hari ni. Tapi saya ingatkan pukul 9. Mati-mati gi mandi sejuk2. Adeihh.

Tapi takpelah. Ade masa skit nak update belog.


Assalamualaikum and a very good day I bid to all. Urhh.

A few things happened and a few things ARE going to happen this week.

Let us start with 'happened'.

Our system here in Alexandria Faculty of Medicine have long been called the International Undergraduate Medical Program or IUMP in short. To date, the program is made up of four batches of students, mine being the seniors. Being international, we assume that we'll have Arabs, Negros, Frenchies, Europeans, and Malaysians together in one lecture hall. Well, you'll see this mixture of nationalities in the second and first year lectures, but not with the fourth years. That all changed last Saturday when 10 Saudi Arabians joined us. ;)

Kalau korang google gambar minah2 Saudi, diorang semua pakai tudung yang berbonggol2 kat belakang. Rambut depa panjang sgt agaknya. Anywayy, I talked to one of the Saudi guys, Muhammad Abd Aziz. I first thought that they'll only join us for TBL classes but no, they're joining us for good. Lectures, ILAs, TBLs, the whole nine yards. Wow, I thought. Competition. ;)

So, I was eager to see whether will there be any Saudis which will join my clinical rounds. Aha. My 'wish' came through. Two ladies ;) Hehehehehe. Bertambah seronok kami berempat kaum Adam. :P

How things will be, I don't really know yet. But I guess changes can be good at times. ;)

Regarding "are going to happen", nothing fun in that. I've got my Clinical Pathology exam tomorrow and my Clinical exams next Saturday. Got to get the oil and start greasing, have to get rid of all those rust.

Oh yer, our batch annual dinner will also be held next week, on the 10th. Dress up ladies. :P


Anonymous November 4, 2009 at 1:43 PM  

the naughtiest post, yet.

Johannas November 5, 2009 at 12:38 AM  

Yer ke? :P

Tapi en, kira nasib baik gak, coz ade grp lain ni, dpt yg lawa. Heheheh.

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