August 1, 2008

Help me?

Hey guys.

I guess I sort of owe everyone an apology. I know I've been ignoring the existence of my own blog. And I also know how much some of my loyal readers crave for my updates. Haha. Mental, I know. :P

Being back home, with a lot to do, just keeps me occupied from day to day. It is not just my blog which is pushed aside, but also my Friendster account. If you noticed, I've not updated my primary pic for ages now. Hehe. And now, I'm planning to start Facebook. It is supposed to be the 'it' thing right now, according to my ever-knowing-girlfriend. :P So yeah, I'm going to give it a try.

Anyways, for the past week, I've met up with some of the guys. Song, Wei Siang, Ah Hong and Zi Shen. It was fun really. Talking with them now and comparing it with us minus a few years, really shows how we've grown. Bangga, serious bangga. And tomorrow, I hope to meet up with Adam, the future pilot. It should be fun, I hope. Also, I watched the Dark Knight, twice. Nah, it wasn't because I loved it. It was simply because I watched it the first time with my family and the second with Na. I think she must have enjoyed the movie. Berapa banyak tah hacks yang dia makan just to keep herself awake. Hehe, don't bother higlighting the text if you don't want to know what I said. Can't wait for our next movie sayang. :)

That's basically it I guess. Have the zoo to look forward to tomorrow and perhaps we'll be able to see some bigger monkeys there, kan Na? The ones in Taman Tar only have two things in my opinion, laziness and very-red-butts. Haha.

Alrighty then, I'll update this again soon. I hope. *crosses fingers* :P


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