October 24, 2008


This week's catch-phrase, New! No particular reason about it though. Just for the fact that this entry will be about everything new. ;)

First and foremost, as promised, I'm gonna devote an entry to the new students of the International Undergraduate Medical Program(IUMP) of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine. These students even outnumber us, the 3rd year students! (and now I know how it feels to be a minority) And if my numbers are correct, there's about 200 MARA scholars and 40 private students. Ramai kan? Ni tak masuk other nationals lagi. Fuh. Anyway, nothing new about these MARA scholars btw. They're simply a younger version of us, the 3rd years. (omg, I'm old! Hehe) What caught my eye were the private students. To date, I've seen at least four girls without their tudungs AND one dude who has a HUGE earring on his left ear. Not that I'm not used to these, being born and bred in KL and all, but it's definitely a first here in Alexandria. However, I'm not being judgemental or anything. They're students just like me and we came here for the same purpose - a medical degree. But I do pity them. Give it a few months (or even weeks), then we'll see what'll happen to them. I'm not gonna write about it here though, too sensitive in my opinion. Plus, I do have readers who're studying here. Wouldn't want to offend anyone, would we? ;) So, for those who are just curious, drop me an email! Hehe.

Next on the "everything new" list is, I'm moving! To a new apartment! When? Today! Haha. I'll try to get some pictures up and I do stress on the word, 'try'. It'll be tiring day for sure with all the cleaning that waits ahead. Kalau ade orang tolong kan best. ;)

Last but not least, last week I've started my new semester here. My 5th semester to be exact. One more semester and I'll be starting my clinical classes. How fast time flies. Anyhow, I've got 6 days of lectures this year instead of 5 last year. (Yay! Not.) But even with 6 days of lectures a week, there's still a rumour that we'll be finishing late this year. What the #^$%, right? Sigh. If it is true, it'll only mean one thing - a shorter summer break. Again, what the *#$%!

Till the next post. Sigh.


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