October 13, 2008

Alexandria, all over again.

Yup yup yup..

I'm back in Alexandria peeps! Not too excited about it at first but since my class will be starting this week, it's only appropriate for me to get all hyped about it. ;) Why shouldn't I be right? I'm gonna be a 3rd year med junkie, my last pre-clinical year and a hell of a syllabus. Haha. Better get my study hat on ASAP. :P Gotta improve my CGPA!

Well, yesterday I went to the campus to submit my passport for visa application and I also went to attend the introduction to e-learning. It wasn't because I was interested in knowing what e-learning is all about, (I already know what's e-learning, you see) it was more about me wanting to catch a glimpse of the 1st year students. If you guys wanna know what's my first impression about them, be sure to read up my next entry. I'm planning to devote a whole entry to them. They should be proud! :P

Anyway, the weather's getting colder by the day and I can't seem to get rid of the flu bug I caught on the plane. *Sneeze* I'm missing home terribly too. Sigh. Come quick July 2009~


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