December 5, 2008

Eid is here.

Eid el-Adha in Egypt can only mean one thing for the Malaysian students of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine - 1 week of holiday. :) There's still class on Saturday though but looking forward to the holidays, I think I can manage another day of school. ;)

FYI, the students here normally use the Eid holidays to travel. I myself travelled for a week to Jordan last year. It was definitely an experience and being the pioneer group of students to travel abroad by ourselves sort of inspired others to follow suit this year. Most whom I've heard are travelling to Europe - Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Dublin and even Frankfurt. Talk about inspiring eh? ;) Hehe. And there's also a group who's going to Jordan. Hmm. Where am I heading you ask? Hehehe. The answer to that shall be, *drumroll in the background* nowhere. :P One reason is partly majorly due to my desire to buy a DSLR camera next year, so obviously I've got to save some moolah since it's not gonna be cheap. Secondly, if I travel this year, it'll be with the other group of students. Travelling for me means leaving the people you know behind, meeting new environments. I don't want to travel and still see the same faces I see in the lecture hall everyday. You get my point, right? I might as well save up for my honeymoon terus even if it'll take, erm, *counts my fingers* 5-6 years from now? Hehehehe.

So, I'll be sticking around in Alexandria (I heard there's gonna be plenty of kenduri invitations coming my way) and simply take my time to reorganize myself. Things have been pretty hectic lately ever since my end-of-block examinations last week. Rarely studying after lectures is a very good definition of "hectic" for me. So I guess this holiday shall be a recuperating period (not incubation) for me. Get my feet back firmly on the ground. Catch up with everything which I've left dragging behind. Hmm. I've to be really good, you see. Have to proof to a certain someone, I can be positive. ;)

Okay then, I guess I'll just wrap things up with some pictures of my travel to Jordan last year. Memories are definitely best kept photographed, since it is the nature of a human mind to forget. :) So, beli camera, Joe! :P

Streching melihat Wadi Musa. :P

Melompat kat Jerash. xD

J-14, kat Petra. :)

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