December 1, 2008

Mad doctors on the loose.

Let me ask all of you a rhetorical question. Would any of you want to be attended to by doctors who are seeing things? Doctors who are anxious, cranky for no reason, mentally ill? Read here if you guys wanna know exactly what I'm talking about.

It seems that newborn doctors nowadays are cracking up, one by one. There's finally proof to the term, "Mad Doctor". However, as funny as it may sound, this issue is definitely causing headaches to the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA). I'm a little bit flabbergasted when I read the article and saw Dr Ismail Merican's comment regarding the cause of the problem. Pressured into taking Medicine by parents? Puh-lease. People who are pressured into medical school by their parents, will not even graduate medical school in my opinion. To graduate, you don't only need intelligence and hardwork. What you really need is the driving force which will push you through all the hurdles waiting in front of you. This "push", which will give you the perseverence and the consistency required, is what you need to graduate med school.

One have to admit though, studying Medicine is definitely a huge hurdle. Putting that fact aside, medical students themselves have to realize that, success in obtaining a medical degree DOES NOT mean the job is done. As a matter of fact, it is only beginning. Learn to accept this as soon as you stepped your feet in med school and I believe, you'll be fine. Prepare yourselves not only physically but most importantly, mentally for what's to come - housemanship, hours of being on-call etc. Mind over matter as some may say.

Whatever it is, I do hope the MMA will find the best solution for this matter. Another examination before our housemanship is definitely not the way to go. Whoever wants to sit for an exam when you've graduated after 5-6 years of studies? If you wanna test something, put knowledge aside, and focus on our sanity instead.

So, to you non-medical people, if any of you happens to fall ill and goes to the clinic or hospital, be sure to ask your attending physician or doctor, "You're not ga-ga, are you?" Hehe. Just for laughs. :P


meorsoleh December 1, 2008 at 11:52 PM  

I'm wordless. i think they all need to attend the stress and anger management class. :D

anyhow, I don't see how a standardize test can measure the professionalism, skills and knowledge of a doctor? As what was written is differ what what will be done.

Johannas December 2, 2008 at 7:37 PM  

Exactly. All the graduates studied the same thing. What differs is how we apply the knowledge. Buat mental test lagi best. Kao tim sume. :P

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