January 31, 2009

Study leave.

Hello. ;)

As most of you would have guessed, (you'll know if you've been following this blog) I was having my practical examinations throughout the whole of last week. And yesterday's Parasitology paper concludes it all for me. :) Now with the practicals out of the way, it's time to pick up arms and fight. Its hell time. Rawwrr! xD

The following will be the 'fields' for me to tackle with my, hard-wrenching-eye-popping-jaw-dropping "weapon". :P (I've no idea what is it, so don't bother asking)

29/1 Pathology
30/1 Pharmacology
31/1 Parasitology & Microbiology
1/2-2/2 Physiology
3/2 Histology & Anatomy
4/2-6/2 Anatomy with a pinch of Physiology ;)

It is rather crammed up, don't you think? Oh well, this is all that I could muster in one week of study leave. Better hope it is good enough. Prayers up people! Pray for me! :)


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