February 2, 2009

7 days

Today's the 2nd of February 2009.


There's only 7 days left.

2nd February, 1988

"What's all this fluid all around me? I wanna get out! But wait a minute, why am I not drowning? Hmm. I have to see what's out there. Is it also full of fluid, or something else? 7 days, I'll just wait for 7 more days."

2nd February, 1998

"How old are you, boy?" "9 and three quarters, uncle." "Wow, you're 9? For a moment there I thought you're 12. Big boy!" "Thank you, uncle. You look rather old yourself."
-Sarcastic- ;)

2nd February, 2008

"Crap, crap! One more week, but there's still so much to cover! Adoiiii. Sakitnye amik Medic nii. Urh!"
-Not even realizing the date to know your birthday's coming- :P

Today, 2nd February 2009

I guess I do realize the date this time around. God, I'm gonna be 21. The world still feels rather new. There's just so much I've done and simply too much that I've not done. I guess people celebrate entering adulthood, right? Wish I could do the same. Sigh. We've got exams next week, so a party is a definite no-no. Lol. I really do not know what to expect from myself, being 21 and all. Am I mature enough? Do I see things, as an adult? Do I look grown up?

There's 7 days left.

I'll figure it out.

"Happy becoming birthday, big boy"


sadhana azahar February 2, 2009 at 10:11 PM  

u do look grouwn up ;)

sadhana azahar February 2, 2009 at 10:12 PM  

cehs, wrong spelling, paham paham sedeyh. :P

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