January 23, 2009

Just maybe.


Yesterday marks the end of the first semester for us third years. I guess I should have been happy about this since there's only a semester left for me to complete my pre-clinical years and venture into clinical medicine. But somehow I find myself unable to "feel" any feelings. Exams? Maybe. Just maybe.

So, tomorrow's the beginning of my practical examinations. After that, it'll be a week of study-leave before the beginning of one very long month of written exams. I'm not even sure whether I'm looking forward for my 21st birthday next month. Heh. Who am I kidding? But really, I don't know what to look forward to at the moment. Neither the exams, nor even my birthday. Everything seems dark. Smile, Jo. Smile. *managed to force out a smile*

Hmm. Perhaps I'll find that light soon. Oh, no no no. If you're thinking about the light which guides dead people, hell no. God-forbid. Heh. I'm looking for the 'light'. The one which shines in all that's living, except me. *rummages my room, looking for a candle* This will do, I guess. Hmm. But, what will happen when the candle burns out? Urh. That's a problem for later.

Okay, I'm heading back to reality guys - where salt's sweet and sugar's salty. Oh, and can someone remind me to go to the pharmacy tomorrow. My eyes' are rather dry. Need to get some eyedrops of myself. Where the hell could my tears have gone? *laughs quietly alone*

Note to self
-You've got to stop posting an entry when you're halfway to Lala-land, Jo.
Monologue - "Ah, janji aku happy."


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