January 22, 2009

Of needs and priorites.


It's been awhile.

I feel the need to update but I've been busy with my studies with the finals coming and all. That is my priority after all.

Sometimes, I feel rather disconnected. But I wonder, is it my fault? I know I need to do certain things at certain times, but, what if those certain times are filled? And again by, my priorities.

I try to understand certain things but I simply can't. I went to bed, thinking of all the different possibilities in my mind. None of which I would want to materialize. And I will fall asleep, with a tired and confused mind. When I wake up, it feels like I've been wide awake all the time. Hm.

Oh, well. Things aren't always the way they are - the way we want them to be. This is how it should be, I guess. We are not the Earth, spinning on its axis, tilted slightly to one side. Fixed, never different.

I'll plough through, even if I have to stay awake in my sleep for days to come. I'll cope. (I hope)

I'm sorry if this post doesn't make any sense to you guys. It is rather deep and vague. Simply, you can consider this to be some random blabbering from a nobody - me.


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