January 15, 2009

I need guidance..


The number of my assignments have been dwindling for the last couple of days. Just this week, one presentation after another have reduced the amount of work needed done. Thank God. However, as one door closes, a few others open. I'm not even sure whether it is appropriate to give them the term, "doors". Honestly, I'd prefer the word, "pit holes" - deep and endless. Yeah, that certainly sums it well. Obviously I'm talking about my end-of-semester finals. Duh. The practical part is only 9 days left and the written part, hmm, three weeks, plus minus a few days. Definitely too close for comfort.

This time around, it'll be my fifth time, preparing for these examinations. It is just too bad, instead of seeing myself handling it better, I only saw myself feeling a lot of unnecessary stress. And the stress is definitely increasing by the semester. A whole lot of me would put the blame on the insane amount of knowledge that's required from us each term. Before I came here, people used to say, "You'll definitely find it hard for the first two years but it'll be smooth sailing from then on." Being an enthusiastic-naive "kid", I looked forward to the challenge. I dare you to say it to me again now. (Ps. You'd better be wearing a chain-mail)

Medicine is definitely a branch trunk of knowledge which requires a crazily-huge amount of hard work and perseverance. Being someone who have devoted his life to all this, who am I to complain? Suck it up and face it, head on! ;) But I know, I definitely need help. The priceless support and guidance from my loved ones, will be the stick, whacking me on the head when I'm lazy. The continuous silent prayers, will be my pillar, holding me. You guys' are my strength when I am weak, my light when I am lost, my conscience, when I am wrong.

Oh well, semangat macam mane pun, I still feel like jumping into a "pit hole" after seeing the pile of books in front of me. I've got room for one more. Any takers? ;)

Gambar hiasan. That dude is DEFINITELY NOT ME. :P


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