January 10, 2009

Intrachapter Futsal Competition 2009

I'm not really in the mood to update but I guess I'm obliged to post something regarding this competition or else it'll be old news. :P

So, on the 7th of January 2009, the Sports and Activities Bureau of PERUBATAN Alexandria organized a futsal competition for us guys. A total of 12 teams participated - four from the 3rd years, three from the 2nd years, four from the first years and one invitational team from the Uztazs . Three days before the competition, I wasn't expecting myself to play but it all changed when the captain of "Triple Espresso" invited me to play as their goal keeper. I dully accepted. ;) In the group stages, I let in a total of 2 goals, all in the first game against a team from the first year. :P Mane tak nye, masing-masing sepak macam nak patah tangan aku tahan. Haha.

The Triple Espressos

However, my team still managed to win our 3 remaining group games and qualified for the quarters where we went against a third year team. I only played for the first half and after the game ended goaless, I came back on to face the penalties. I saved a few shots, my teammates scored a few, so we won. ;) We then faced another third year team in the semis and thanks to a moment of brilliance from our attacking players and awesome defending from our defenders, we sneaked into the finals where once again, we met the same team from the first years, for the third time. After a breathtaking 30minutes of play and few bruises later, the match was to be decided by penalties. This time around, we were rather unlucky. I only got my hands on the ball once, and letting another slip through after I had my hands on it. Coupled from a few misses from my teammates, we lost. :( Oh well, we had fun playing and it was definitely worth the aches I got the day after. :P

Sitting among rivals. ;)

My hands, their feet.

Anyway, you guys can check more photos of the competition here. Credits to my housemate, Pokyan, who photographed the event.



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