January 6, 2009

The Snapping Turtle

Heyya guys. Somehow today, I feel like doing good to the society. So, as a consequence, hear me preach! :P

Do you guys know what's a snapping turtle? No?

Lets take it in a kid's perspective or simply to say, a random someone who doesn't know what this turtle can do. The kid will try to put his fingers in for the first time, and yes, he'll get snapped at. Being a kid, he tried to put them in a second time and again, his fingers got snapped at. Worrying that his fingers might get bitten, the kid stopped. The snapping turtle won.

"Victory! Rawrrr!"

And know you know. So, would you ever poke your finger in its shell to get its head out? Would you let your fingers get snapped at, over and over again, hoping that somehow the turtle will give up and stop snapping? Hold that thought for a moment.

If we were to relate this somewhat silly story to our life, we would see that there is a lot to learn from the snapping turtle. Many of us tend to forget the wisdom of the snapping turtle. All around, people fail not because they did not do something which they do not know, but instead, people fail because they did not do something which they do know. To quote what Sigmund Freud said, "Insanity is defined as doing the the same thing over and over again, and continually expecting a different result". Hence, if you want a different result in your life, take a different action and once you've figured it out, keep it up. It is your life after all, and not someone's else. Why not start now?

Cheerio. :)

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