January 3, 2009


A simple post which title carries a thousand meanings.

Just yesterday, Israeli air strikes killed one of Hamas top political leader Nizar Rayyan, together with his family. And to date, no fewer than 400 Palestinians have been estimated dead and not less than 2000 others injured. More than a quarter of them are civilians btw, mainly kids. For those who have not been following the updates about our brothers in Gaza, I advise you guys to do so. When we are celebrating, enjoying the New Year fireworks, the children of Gaza only saw a different kind of explosion. When we are sleeping, they're being kept awake by emergency sirens. Have we ever thought of that?

Furthermore, Israeli soldiers are guarding the Gaza strip, blocking any means of humanitarian aid from entering Gaza. Food and medicinal supplies are running low while power supplies are cut causing hospitals to struggle in coping with the wounded. Today, Hamas has called for open suicide bombings on all "Zionist interest" everywhere around the world. This means all Starbucks, McD outlets are potential targets. I'm sure most of you are smart enough to decide what's right, right?

We may be far away from all the turmoil but it doesn't stop us from doing our part. Know what's going on, spreading the news and praying for all Muslims - that's what we have to do. Why not start now? Start today. Free Palestine, rise Islam!


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