January 1, 2009

Welcome, 2009!

Happy New Year 2009, everyone!

I'm pretty sure all of my friends back in Malaysia had fun watching the fireworks, partying all night in Bukit Bintang and basically doing anything they consider appropriate in ushering the new year. :) What about me here, who's stuck all the way in Egypt? Hmm..

For starters, I have class tomorrow instead of those back home where New Year's day is a holiday. It's New Year's Day for goodness sake! Mane ade orang kerja on New Year's! Sigh. Secondly, there's just too much being taught in the lectures and I simply can't afford to push them aside. Boring, aren't I? And thirdly, till this day, I'm still wondering whether do fireworks exist here in Egypt. Lol.

So, what I have planned for tonight's countdown are some glass bottles which I'm gonna hurl it down onto the street from my apartment. Hehe. Don't be surprised you guys. THIS, is exactly how Egyptians celebrate their New Year. A perfect reason for you to not go out wondering around on the street at midnight. "Smash smash" instead of "Kaboom kaboom". :P

When the midnight bell rings tonight... Let it signifies new and better things for us, let it signifies a realisation of all things we wish for, Let it signifies a year full of courage and believes. Wishing you a very very prosperious 2009. Love always :)


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