February 7, 2009

Anatomy - CHECKED!

I guess I'll write an entry after every paper I sat for. At least I can talk about it here when no one else wants to listen. :P

Prelude - Anatomy has long been one of the few 'feared' subjects simply because of the amount of reading that is required. Every single sentence has the possibility to be asked. Skip one, and you'll pay. (like I did)

Comment - Hmm. I guess I did 'OK'. The first part went rather smoothly minus a few questions which I'm clueless about due to the fact we didn't really take it in the lectures so I assumed it wouldn't be asked. Guess again. Lol.

And then comes the second part of the paper - the short essays. Urh, someone needs to remind me to make a better time-keeping for myself. I rushed through the last question which was about the development of the tongue. Not that I clearly remember the details anyway, but if it was any other question which I'm confident of the answer, I'll be pissed for not planning ahead and not being able to answer because of the lack of time. So, yeah. And another note to myself, next time, read even if you've taken the topic last year. >.< Oh why didn't they ask about the pituitary or the thyroid gland instead? Why couldn't luck be on my side?? Grr.

Conclusion - Taken everything into consideration, and by everything I meant the midterms, practicals, assignments and today's paper, I would say a B is in hand. I'd be thankful for a B+ and I'd be surprised if it turns out to be an A-. Ooh, I love surprises. xD

Ps. B = 80, Bplus = 85 , and an Aminus = 90-94. Go figure. :P


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