February 16, 2009

Physiology - Checked!

Again, I am sorry for not updating you guys about Physiology as soon as we had the paper. I was just lazy I guess. :P

So.. Physiology.

Prelude - There's only 2 words that I always use to describe the burden of Physiology on us - TOO MUCH! Really, I am not joking. For the first semester of our 2nd year, we had like 300 or more pages to cover. And for this semester, there is not much of a difference. One whole book to be revised, memorized, and practically to be slept with. Haha. 260 or so pages, try to digest that.

Comment - Like always, the first part was MCQs. Some mistakes here and there, I guess. About the essay on the other hand, we had eight essay questions and each was worth 2.5 marks. I really don't get how they get their markings done because for some questions, my answer was like one whole page (eg. the question about referred pain) and for others, it was only 3-4 lines. I didn't really know the answer for that question though, sebab tu lah pendek kot. :P
Eight essay questions and three problems definitely felt like too much. Honestly, for the last few questions, I felt really tired to really think so I just answered the first answer that came to mind. Seriously rasa nak muntah gak ah bila jawab hari tu. Haih. Physio oh physio. On the other hand, I'm just glad its out of the way now. Alhamdulillah.

Conclusion - Again, B+.


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