March 27, 2009


Man, I feel lost.

Its like, I'm here, but I'm not really here. Get what I mean? The past 2 weeks had been like, monotonous. It was always, wake up-class-sleep-eat-study-study-sleep. Coupled together with the Academic Team's "BOOM program" which is just around the corner, I've got no time for my blog, Time Mag, Newsweek, and I can only simply browse through the headlines of TheStar, enough to know that KJ now leads the UMNO Youth. Sucks ain't it? I feeeel detached!

Endocrinology is definitely not a piece of cake as first thought. Again, Physiology's surging ahead, proving to be the bomb in pre-clinical medicine. It had only been 2 weeks into the new semester and we've already got nearly 80 pages, to not only be read and understood thoroughly, but to be summarized too, seeing that what's on page 9 has shit-to-do with what's on page 67. And don't make me start on the other subjects - Microbiology, Pharmacology, Histology and whatnot.

Don't like me whining? Bite me.

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