April 4, 2009

A changing era.

I want to believe, that, with Najib as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia, we will see some serious changes back home. I do believe, that, being the son of our 2nd PM, he would have tailed the footsteps of his late father and that he is smart enough to not follow the one left by his predecessor. Reading his maiden speech as PM, he's already showed something which has been lacking during Pak Lah's reign for quite some time now if I may say - which is the act of showing he does care for what the people think. I sincerely hope, his first act is the first of many.

And things couldn't have been better for BN or UMNO specifically with Tun Mahathir rejoining the party, a definite boost for their manifesto in the coming tri-election. Some may have waited long for Pak Lah to step down and BN could win based only on the benefit of the doubt of the people to Najib, just like what Pak Lah had during BN's huge win in the general elections 5 years back. Nonetheless, some may still have their eye on Khairy, mine including. We'll just see what Najib has planned for KJ. I do hope it is nothing good. :P

Oh anyway, my results should be coming out some time next week. Scaryyy~ xD


Anonymous April 4, 2009 at 8:57 AM  

true that :)

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