April 5, 2009


Do you guys remember the entries I posted after each individual paper I had for my finals a month back? Remember the predictions I made? Well, I suck at making predictions. :P

The first surprise for us - the results came out waaayyy too early if compared to the previous ones. It used to be at least two months after the exams before we could even get a rumor that its coming out. And after the rumors, it'll be like two more weeks before they actually release the results. Biaselah, arab dengan bokra dan biiznillah mereka, takleh nak dipisahkan. Haha. But when I thought things were not as great with the administration as they used to be, they did this. Releasing our results just barely a month after our finals. And I even heard that the slight delay was because the administrators were trying to meet with every department to try and help those who had 59s and get them to 60 so as they will not have to resit for the paper. I'm surprised, really.

Oh come on Joe, tell them your results already. :P

Alhamdulillah, to my amazement (honestly I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them) I improved from 1 A, 3 A- and a mixture of Bs last year. I scored 3 As, 4 A-, and 3 B+. I am thankful for His rezeki and guidance. That'll bump my CGPA up a lil bit. ;)

Anyway, that is that for last semester. I've always been one who does not get carried away with results and achievements. The only thing that is to be brought forward throughtout the year is perserverance.

This semester is a whole new chapter. What we get for last semester won't get us through this semester. There's no such things as, "Alah, kau dah score 7A sem lepas, mesti gempak gak lah sem ni" or "Ish, aku fail lagi lah sem ni since sem satu pun takleh lepas". There is only hardwork and apa nama?* Hehe.

Failures are but only a delayed success, and success is nothing but only a stepping stone for the future. So to my friends and colleagues, jom lah kite same2 habiskan 3rd year ni. We started this journey together, and even though our struggles are different, lets finish this the way we started. :)

*apa nama was Tun M's favourite line when he forgets things. :P


din April 5, 2009 at 12:55 PM  


wohoo.ku sudah jumpa blog joe


tahniah result power..aku nak link blog ko yea..hehe

Johannas April 5, 2009 at 4:01 PM  

Thanks bro. Sila2. Hehe.

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