March 2, 2009

Pathology - Checked!

Ooh ohhh. I can smell freedom now. :P

After slugging it out for a month, the end of my finals is just around the corner. After today, there's only 2 more days with 3 more papers to go - Problems & Professional Skills, Human Rights and IT. And after all these, I'll be shooting hoops in Mansurah. ;)

So, down to business. Pathology was hard. The essay was good but the MCQ? Stinks. Sang 'A,E,I,O,U' twice just to get an answer. You know what I mean. :P The questions were stinking specific. Too specific as a matter of fact. I believe it was the first time they actually asked us some numerical figures in an exam. Why would I even bother to read how many percent of Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas arise from lymph tissue and how many percent from non-lymphoid tissue. It had always been only either "commonest" or "least common". Never numbers. Pfft.
I did take a swipe at it and answered 70%/30%. I guessed close enough. Hehe. The answer was 65%/35%. Doubt the professors will give marks for being 'close' though. :P

I really want to give myself a B+ for the effort but I've to go for a B. Booohoohooo.

Oh well. I'm too close to the end to be too bothered by it. Winter break, here I come! xD


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