March 5, 2009

Life is..

Good. :)

Exams are all but a memory now having completed my IT exam this morning. I passed, thank God and what's left now is the long wait for the results. But now is not the time to be waiting anxiously, expecting the worst of what may come. Now, is the time for.. recreation. :P

I've been pretty much in my room all the time for the last month, going out only for the exams and food. As a result, I feel, somewhat nerdy. Hehe. I definitely need to freshen myself up throughout this week of holiday or I'll go nuts half-way through the 2nd semester. And the process of "nerd-detoxication" will start tomorrow at the PERUBATAN Sports Carnival in Mansurah. Go Alexandrian athletes! ;)

Alexandria will be sending a contingent of 140ish-strong athletes for tomorrow and we shall flood the stadium with floods of greeeeeeenn. Too bad I hate green. So, I'll be wearing black. Haha. I'll be taking part in 2 events btw - tarik tali and basketball. We'll only be playing just for the fun of it, really. No pressure in bringing back the gold. :P

I'm leaving at 9 tonight. I'll get some pictures for my next entry. Till then. Go Alex! ;)


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