April 25, 2009

Curtain falls

Wow. Just wow. I'm amazed, wondering how freakingly busy I was. Handling the debate and public speaking competition for BOOM! is certainly no easy task. I got flamed after the first round of debate, though I accept all the critics with an open heart. :P And I believe, we did great for the finals. Thank you to those who've helped. :)

Furthermore, whilst busy preparing for the final event yesterday, I also had to slip in a few assignments which were due last week. Luckily I've already gotten them completed a few weeks back and all that's left is to prepare myself for the presentation. I simply can't imagine what would have happened if I were to leave it all till the last minute. >.< Plus, not enough with the hecticness of BOOM! and assignments, I also had my Microbiology practical exam on the day before yesterday. Alhamdulillah, nasib baik senang. Now kena prepare untuk midterms plk next week. -.-

So, a little bit about BOOM!. First of all, it stands for "Blooming Out of Mediocrity", bringing the theme, Nurturing Outstanding Muslim Doctors. It was first planned to be an activity of the AcademicTeam but because of the huge number of participants (168) and the huge budget required, it became an official program of our Alexandrian Malaysian Students' Association. The program was spread out for two whole weeks, with the closing ceremony held yesterday. Though there were many flaws in the management and programming of this program, I believe we managed to complete our target objective which is to nurture and encourage the 1st and 2nd years to stand up and lead. Kudos to everyone.

Being busy, pacing here and there every now and then, I didn't manage to get someone to take some pictures of me. But I believe the photographer of the event took some, so I guess you guys will just have to wait. ;)

Till then, cheerio!


sarahR April 28, 2009 at 3:37 AM  

Jo, you did ur job impressively splendid! u and all the other 'units' did! =)
all the best for the coming exam..

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