July 22, 2009

Guess what?

1. This blog going to be revived now. ;)

2. Exam's are finally over and I pray and hope that all is well.

3. Clinical medicine here I come!

4. 6 days till my flight. :))

5. For the first time, I resisted sleeping for 30 hours straight! From 5 am 20th of July till 11am 21st of July! Personal best ni. :P

6. Want to know why? Here's why. Last paper-meeting-bowling-lunch-bowling again-arcade-dinner-midnight movie-4am BBQ at the beach. Terbaik! ;)

7. The electrician I called yesterday simply removed the fuse and short-circuited the electrical circuit of my apartment's floor so that I can get my electricity back. Arab arab. Where's your safety?

8. Went to send Pokyan off last night. Gila jealous weh tengok dak2 Melayu dalam bas tu. Semua nak balik dah and I'm still stuck here. Siapa suruh mengade nak rase naik 5-star airlines. :(

9. My Citibank credit card got rejected. Lol! (No, I did not reach the credit limit) :P

10. Oh, I'm bald now. Hehehe.


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