August 4, 2009

A laugh

Me, myself and I am not sure whatever have I done these first few days back in Malaysia sampai boleh neglect my all-time favorite, blogging. Okay2, tipu je. Blogging has never been a persevered habit of mine. Of course akan ade Ups and Downs nye, but as all of you might have noticed, Downs lah lagi banyak. I guess I simply blogged whenever I felt like writing, and not sebab nak jaga my blog hits. Its also never a problem of writer's block. Ouch, sorry kalau Meor ade yang terase. :P

So, what had happened recently? Lets see.
- I got my hair cut short, but I think you guys mesti dah tau.
- I've spent nearly RM4000. I won't say on what. You'll just have to guess. Hehe.
- Surprisingly, I've managed to maintain my weight after 1 week being home. ;)
- For the first time, I met a random guy whom I met in a forum (just because I wanna mod my PSP)
- Went to Jalan TAR with my mom, to get myself some black kain for my baju melayu.
Turned my sister into a part-time model. :P
- Met Dhana three times. Hehe. Ala, takkan tak kenal Dhana kot. That beautiful, petite, and awesome gf of mine. *wink2*
- Purposely coughed loudly in public, just to see how'd people react during this H1N1 pandemic. Haha.
- Wrestled a kid because he called me "botak". Ok fine, tipu lagi. Lol.

Anyway, I'm just chilling around while waiting for the hospital to give a reply regarding my "attachment". Hopefully dapat lah. If not, kena try another way lah kat private hospital pulak.

Oh btw, for those who have yet to watch "The Proposal", please do so. "Setem" is not that bad either. "Apa?! Kita mahu kasi cucuk buah dia??" Hehe. Definitely laughed my ass off in the cinema. :P


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