October 20, 2009

A difficult day at the hospital.

Hye guys.

I'm here today, updating in a rather somber mood. Continue reading if you're really interested to know why.

Yesterday was supposed to just be another day for us at the hospital. Lectures by the professor, taking patient history, inspecting them, conducting physical examinations, yada yada yada. Well, it started out as planned. A rather long lecture on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and Lymphoma by Dr Nabil where I found myself to be ultimately clueless. But takpe lah, boleh je baca balik kat rumah nanti. Moving on, we then had a female patient. This patient was suffering from Schistosomiasis, which is an endemic disease here in Egypt. Yang bikin panas nye, mak patient ni ade sekali. The patient was rather cooperative with us, but the mom on the other hand was unbearable.

"Heyya musyfatirisy min subh" "Haram haram". Or something like that. At one phase she came near us and I was even afraid that she might swing her arm at me. Haha. That didn't happen tho. :P

We then rounded the ward to see a few other patients. The next one was suffering from lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphoid tissue. He was cachexic. When our doctor was demonstrating for us, the patient brokedown. He plead his case with tears streaming down his cheeks. How could one empathize and not symphatize? We can see that he was exhausted but our doctor was adamant to show us the examination. It required a kiss on the cheek and some comforting words from the patient's father to calm the patient down. Seriously hati kena macam batu, kalau tak memang boleh nangis lah tengok semua ni.

And to round it all up, a patient went into septic shock right in front of us. His mouth was foamy and he wasn't breathing. It was an emergency situation of course and we saw it spot on. Oxygen tanks were brought in and CPR was performed. That same patient was walking about normally around the ward just days before. According to our doctor, the patient suffered from acute leukemia and had received a round of chemotherapy. Unfortunately he caught an infection and his body wasn't able to fight due to the chemo. Even antibiotics can't help. When we left, the doctors were still performing CPR on him. I'm not sure will I be seeing him today in the wards. May God be with him.

Hmm. It is all in a days work. Life, moves on.


Nyssa October 25, 2009 at 3:58 AM  

mmg x boleh lagi nak hati batu awal2 ni.. d lymphoma case was very sad.. dgn umur lebih kurang kite..

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