October 18, 2009

Selingan tatkala sibuk

Assalamualaikum wbt. Selamat sejahtera semua. (Ade gaya lecturer tak?)

Mcm biase, kawe masih sebok dgn studies kawe. Smlm dpt lah cuti sehari tp kawe pi main bola dgn teman. Nak bagi peluh tubek sikit, baru sihat tubuh, dok gitu?

Sy orang KL tulen, tak reti cakap dialek. So yang kat atas ni, sj nk main2 menghiburkan diri sendiri. Jgn makan hati yer kawan2 utara dan timur ku. :P

Anyway, I just feel like updating the people back home as to what I did last week. Jeng jeng jeng. Surprise2. I took my first blood sample. ;) Seronok n nasib baik lah my hands takde nak menggigil sangat. Got the vein on my first try but the blood didn't come out. I had to move the syringe around and let the needle find the vein without pulling put the syringe. Peluh sejuk lah jga! Hehe.

Thanks Anas for letting me poke a needle into your arm. ;)

Next time I'll try to get some pictures from my clinical rounds. *wink2*

Oh, here's something for those who enjoy seeing the photos I take. (Bajet ade je peminat gambar ko). Haih.

Till the next update. Stay sane.


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