October 12, 2009

Of clay and bricks

Evening guys. (Or morning if you're reading this in Malaysia)

If I'm updating my blog frequently, it means I'm back in Egypt. Hehe. Less distractions mean more ideas for me to update my blog. :P

Anyway, I had my first class today and wow, the clinical years are definitely different from what we've experienced in the pre-clinical years. It was only one day, but it felt like a week. There were lectures as usual but rather than being spoon-fed whereby what the Dr said is similarly written in the book, it was completely the opposite. Furthermore, the only things that I was able to take note from the lecture were only the headlines. -.- An hour felt like two. Urh. And I've not even started talking about the assignments. Hmm.

So next came the clinical rounds. Four whole hours of going around the ward, taking notes as we go. I need to get myself a notebook as it is utterly impossible to write on a piece of paper while walking/standing. We discussed not only the patient's condition but also our basic science knowledge which we've taken in our first three years here. There were obviously some gaps in between questions since we can't remember the answer. Fine, there were LOTS of gaps. Haha.

Thus came lesson number 1. "I can't build bricks without clay." Ouch. Doctors 1 - Us 0. Nasib baik lah tak buang buku-buku teks lama aku tu. Haih.

Oh, its fun when you have to look for what you've learned in reference books or online. But it sucks when you're paying for them. Huge hole in my pocket, and its only day one.


Anonymous October 14, 2009 at 8:59 AM  

good luck baby! ;)

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