June 10, 2010

Night of Reflection

Hello everyone. :)

This post is old-news but I'm only posting it now cause of the time constrain I'm having due to the upcoming exams. Anyway, last Friday, 4th of June, our 2006-2012 batch had a get-together event named "Night of Reflection" carrying the theme of "Reawakening the Inner You". It was nice to be able to sit together, discuss certain issues and eat good food. :D

Ten bucks for guessing who's in charge. :P Haha. Just a note, this program wasn't my idea btw, I'm just helping out our dearest Student Rep, right boss? ;)

So, what's with the theme, "Reawakening the Inner You"? It sounds MAY-JOH (Australian accent?) doesn't it? It's like every single one of us had lost the light which spurred us on in our studies. Well, truth-being told, most of us felt the need to rekindle our spirits because of our unsatisfying results for the Internal Medicine and Surgical rounds. Hence the brilliant idea from those who care for others. :)

Enough of that. What's a photoblog without photos right? ;) These were not taken by me, but they are photos of ME, so they rightfully deserve a place here. :P Credits have to be given to our batch's photographer, Izyan. More of the nights' photos can be seen from his blog.

Note: I'm the one giving the token of gratitude to our walid, Ust Ishak, and not vice versa. :P

Congratulations btw to my Surgical section. :D We're already the best group in my opinion and we cemented it by scoring the best overall marks for Surgery. Keep it up everyone. :)

Why am I sitting on the floor? Choose one.
a) No one else wanted to.
b) Most front, utmost attention. :P
c) I like sitting on the floor.


meorsoleh June 10, 2010 at 1:41 PM  

d) there is no space. Your space alone can fit 2 people. hahahaha

Neo Rantissi June 11, 2010 at 5:04 AM  

of course B is the answer, hahaha =P

Johannas June 11, 2010 at 10:32 AM  

aigooo. ahjumma2 ni, mmg xle blah. :P

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