August 25, 2008

Good luck :)

Mornings in Taman Dagang Jaya has always been really calm and peaceful. One can just sit in the living room with the front door open to let the fresh air in and just enjoy the breeze while updating his blog. :P Yeah, I managed to set up a wireless network for my house so I can basically go online anywhere. Hehe.

Today will be just like any other day of my holidays. I've got nothing planned till noon except for chores. Yucks. But someone has to get it done, right? Sigh. And I think I'm gonna finish "Tuesdays with Morrie" today. The book does seem interesting enough with its lessons in life. So, yeah. Btw, I've this surprise birthday party tonight for Ali which was all planned out by my bestie, Nursham. I'm still sitting on the fence right now, unsure whether will I be going or not. Sadly to say, I'm leaning more towards the "Not going" side. If I'm going, you guys will be the first to know tomorrow. ;)

Anyways, I'm here to just wish the best to those in UIA who will be having their midterms this week. I'm referring to you, sayang. And Sham too. Andddd, my brother. :P I'm sure the three of you have done all you can to prepare, so just relax your butts in the exam room and answer the best that you can. Best of luck! :)


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