August 26, 2008

Surprise surprise

Hey guys.

Well, I kinda promised all of you an entry yesterday so here I am. ;)

Guess what?

I did go to Ali's surprise party last night.

Too bad though, I came kinda late so I missed the part when Ali was "kidnapped" near Sham's house and brought back to his house where the party was held. Some of the guys involved said Ali was pale white and was really really quiet when they "ambushed" him. Haha. Got some laugh just by listening to their recollection of the kidnapping. And I also met some nice people there. Too bad I didn't talk much. You know me. :P Perhaps because of this, I felt out of place when I first got there. Last night was definitely a challenge. Luckily enough things got better soon after. :)

Ps. Happy 20th birthday Ali. All the best in London!
Pss. I became a "stalker" last night. Kidding! Farah just wanted me to follow her back home because it was kinda late so I was tailing her send her friend, Elly, home before chauffering her back home. Nasib baik tak jauh. :P


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