November 10, 2008

Hm, my name, again.

Late last night when I was preparing to turn in for the night, an email came through to our Yahoogroup student's portal, Alexmed. It was one which I've been waiting for a few days now - the nominations for the Students' Committee of PERUBATAN Alexandria. Normally people wait to see whether are they nominated because they really want a post. But in my case, it is the opposite.

You see, I've been holding a post in the committee for two years running now. First as the secretary in my first year and this term, I am as of right now, the out-going treasurer. To be honest I've never wanted to hold any responsibilities other than my own responsibility here as a student, a son to my parents and those whom I dearly love and sorely miss back home. But I guess, people see it in me. Fair enough.

However, our Union here in Alexandria is nearly 3 years of age. More and more members have stood up and shown that they too have the capabilities to carry some sort of burden on their shoulders. So, I'm technically begging, to any Alexandrians who reads this blog, give me a pat on the back and say, "You've done enough for us, but now its time to pass the baton to someone else." To my friends, my housemates, you've seen me juggle my different responsibilities on countless occasions. As a friend, I am asking a favor. One which I will be grateful for, in the long run.

Every vote counts. Cast them on others who wants a post. Cast them on those who have stood up and shown what they can do. Give them a chance. And give me a chance, to simply be, a 3rd year medical student of Alexandria University.


meor November 12, 2008 at 1:31 AM  

ngahahaha... too bad, coz u're to famous... XD

Well, i do have thought to write other people's name, other than 3rd years. But I don't recognize any.. hehehe...

anyhow, i think this responsibility thingy is not so practical for us. We are a medical students....

Well, I'm sure you will get something bigger in return someday. Either it is pahala, or valuable experience.

As Anas said, tiresome is temporary, pahala is eternity... XD

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