November 18, 2008

New interest. :)

When I listened to my housemate telling me about his intention to take up photography last semester, I simply listened without paying that much attention. Photography is at the moment THE trend to follow and DSLR cameras are selling like hot cakes, so I figured he simply got attracted to all that hassle, hence the interest. However when he came back this sem with a Canon EOS 1000D, I've to admit, I did wow-ed. :P

So, I started 'molesting' the 1000D and was really amazed at how the photos came up. And this was taken by an amateur(me). How would a semi-pro photo look like? How would a PRO snap his photo? All this began to intrigue my interest and I started opening several websites on photography. Reading articles about basics of photography, photo-editing, reviews on different DSLRs definitely 'poisoned' me. And once I looked up the Nikon Malaysia website, I was sucked into the whirlpool. With all the technicalities about the camera, techniques on taking different kind of pictures, and simply the knowledge of knowing which lens to use in adverse conditions, how can I not fall for photography? ;)

And now, I have put up a wish list of what I'm planning to get on Facebook. Hehe. They won't come cheap, I know. That is why starting last month, I've set aside about USD100 from my monthly allowance from MARA for this new hobby of mine. :P So by August next year, I'll have about USD 1000 to spend on these items in my wish list. Nyeh3.

Oh btw, if you remember, my last entry was about my name being nominated for a post in the Student's Union here. Well, we had the elections last Friday, and thank God, I lost, barely. :P If only you guys can see how joyed I was when the eight and last name was announced. :) But I did play a part in it I guess. On the election day itself, I did promise like a few people, if they didn't vote for me and I don't get elected, I'll treat them with a big lunch. Hehe. Orang lain melobby untuk menang, aku je melobby untuk kalah. Eh eh, it wasn't I alone who did this. There were like 2 others, and kalau tak silap, diorang berdua akan belanja dalam 20 orang makan pizza at my house today. Damn it, I've got class from 12 to 4. No free pizza for me. :(

Urh, something stinks. Oh wait, I think it's me. :P Baru balik main bola en. Hehe. Okay then, shower time. Byee.


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