February 19, 2009


Good morning, peeps! ;)

Yesterday, whilst I was taking a break from Ketamine, Terbinafine and what-not, I read a page from the book Today's the Day by Jim Stovall. I found it to be rather inspiring so I'm gonna rephrase it in my own words and share it with you guys here. ;)

The article was about being the best or simply to say, getting the best out of your life. We always hear people say, "I wanna be the best!", "That number one spot is mine!" and everything in that category. It is unusual for us to hear people say, "I'm satisfied with being second!" or "We're going to let the other group win and lets aim for the consolation prize!" I guess it is only human of us to at least desire to be the best either in one thing or another. We work hard and compete with others to achieve what's best for our lives. We live our life the best we could so as to not look back when we're old and say, "I should have done better."

According to Jim Stovall, the best way to be the best at what we do is simply to break down the word "Best" into its components:-

"B" is for Balance. Balance is what we need to have to keep our lives stable. We do not want to be the best at something but not have something else which we'll treasure in life. Lets take a famous medical researcher for an example. Being the best in his field, this researcher could have simply discovered the cure to AIDS and save mankind from this terrible disease. But, if he did it at the expense of not spending time with his kids, not taking the time for leisures and not taking the time to see the world, he definitely does not count as to being one of the best researchers. We have to always take into consideration, all perspectives of life to be the best.

"E" for Enthusiasm. This is simple enough. If you do not have the enthusiasm or passion in whatever you're doing, let it be a job or a hobby, you will definitely not be successful doing it. Heck, you won't even be enjoying what you're doing. If you do not feel the passion, find something different or try to change your attitude to be happy at what you're doing.

"S" is for Single-mindedness. By being single-minded in what you do, does not simply mean that you look at things in just a single dimension. It means that when you're doing something, you have the ability to focus your mind completely on it. Simply to say, when you work, you work. And when you play, you play. :P

Last but not least, "T" which stands for Tenacity. The author mentioned that this is the utmost important component which is required to be the best. And I can only agree totally with him. To be number one (that is to be successful), you need to strive. Perserverence is the key to success like how people always say. Keep your motivation and eagerness to succeed high, and insyaAllah, you'll eventually win. Try giving a blind man a baseball bat and get the best pitcher to pitch at him. No matter how many misses he gets, as long as he keeps swinging, he'll hit the ball soon enough. That's tenacity. ;)

So, it all depends on ourselves to shape the outcome of our life. Change, and see the difference. :)

Ps. Comments would be greatly appreciated. :P


sadhana azahar February 20, 2009 at 7:55 AM  

I'm satisfied with being second! :D

The Soundaholic February 20, 2009 at 8:00 AM  


Duh, of course I remember you!!!

As for me? I'm so easily disappointed with myself, I always want to be the best, and when I don't get what I want, I get pretty depressed. It's a failing on my part... it's all part of the whole exam-oriented education we've been growing up with... ah, and also the tendency to blame other things when things don't go quite right, as demonstrated :P

Hehehe. Hope you're doing goodie. :) Good piece!

orangnakgieurope;D February 22, 2009 at 5:38 PM  

as for me, I also want to be the number one.But I see that it is very very far away.... :( So gotta be happy as I am.

Although, (nak sedapkan ati) I do believe that to be the best in an aspect, there is got to be another aspect where your gotta suck on it (mind the language ;D) or a defect
like your scientist story. He succeed, but he sacrificed his family..

I agree that it all depends on ourselves to shape the outcome of our life.
Also to consider which priority is you priority...

You want to be something, gotta work on it.. Give all your effort. (saying to myself)

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